As someone who likes to take photos, I take a lot. I have at the moment a collection of more than 5000 photos I have made in the last few years. Although I would like to put many up here, time as well as the need to scan in older 35mm photos that were made without the possibility of getting a digital copy of them too, prohibits that. Still, From time to time I either do get to scan some, or put others in that I make either with my digital camera, or copies from the digital copies I get when I take photos with my 35 mm camera.

When I take photos, it depends on what purpose I will use them for in deciding if to use my digital camera or my 35mm. Generally because of picture quality I prefer my 35mm. I did always use Kodak film, but recent disapointments in the picture quality of photos I made at the Mobile Wave Tour in Vienna have made me switch to Fuji.
You may require a username and a password to access some pictures/areas here. I do this mainly to stop robots/harvesters going through my site. If you need a password but haven't already gotten one from me, you could always ask :)

The Mobile Wave Tour in Vienna. These photos were taken on 23 June, 2002.

Some unsorted pictures (password required until I get them sorted out, mail me if you really want see them).

The Love Parade Vienna 2002.

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